Details from the letter of information from the NFFKÜ-National Development and Source Coordination Agency  Ltd. and Municipality of Alsómocsolád:

The Call for Proposals  of HU11-0002-B1-2017 for Capacity Development and Institutional Cooperation (HU11) Bilateral activities in the Capacity Building and Institutional Cooperation Programme Area (HU11-B1-2017) was submitted and considered worth  for support by the Programme  Operator .

 About the program:
The goal of Quality Life 50+programme is to gain experience, theoretical- and practical knowledge to prepare people for active aging thus, the target group of the project is the age-group between 50 and retirement age.

Until the end of October 2017 there are tasks to be done such as organizing workshops for workers employed in the Southern Trans-Danubian Region elderly care. The project will be executed in partnership with  VOFO, the Norwegian Adult Education Association ( www.vofo.no ). In Norway we are going to participate in a study tour for visiting social institutions and applying good practice in the Hungarian system, research based on samples of life strategies of the age of 50+, preparation of a new synopsis for  the Norwegian Fund’s new project , outlining the establishment and operation of the training center to be established at the base at "Őszi Fény" in Alsómocsolád.
The main information will be broadcasted at http://www.manorquality.eu/ and https://www.facebook.com/Mintaprogram sites.